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I just installed kloxo on my vps and I want to link my domain to that server...which it sort of already is...I made it connect to it via an A record. That works, like the IP is pointing to my server but how do I make a website using it. I tried adding the domain but this doesn't work

...I feel i'm not explaining this well um, on my server it asked me to create DNS template so I did I created the nameservers ns1.mydomain.com, ns2.mydomain.com

Then I added the domain to the panel


I go to the folder it creates to it, but no matter the file there it wont work...any ideas?

Is there a way to possibly just not even add a domain to kloxo and just kind of treat the ip of the server as the domain? Since the A record points there anyway?

I don't intend to host another website on the server anyway...

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I found a way around it. I just made the domain have a dedicated IP on the server I followed this guide: a2hosting.com/resource-center/kloxo-vps-setup/… but instead of I put the ip I wanted to use for it and it worked would answer but I can't for 8 hours. – Josip Gòdly Zirdum Nov 27 '11 at 4:48
I am closing this question as it does not meet the quality guidelines (see our FAQ for more information). If you have any questions about why this action was taken, please ask on Pro Webmasters Meta. – danlefree Dec 2 '11 at 11:40

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