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A little recap of what I have done ... and then my questions Q1, Q2 and Q3

1 - I developed a RoR app that I deployed on Heroku.

2 - I bought a domain name at GoDaddy:

3 - I am using Zerigo addon as for the DNS

heroku addons:add custom_domains
heroku addons:add zerigo_dns:basic

4 - Added my domains in Heroku

heroku domains:add
heroku domains:add

and subdomains

heroku domains:add

Q1: Where do we configure the forward to ?

5 - Configured GoDaddy adding the Zerigo domains

In the Nameservers section

The GoDaddy DNS section is empty: "Not hosted here"

Ok this works all fine ... is correctly found

6 - Subdomain forward

I want to be forwarded to
Q2: So I created the forward in GoDaddy ... but is that correct?

7 - GoDaddy email

Q3: I have one free email account with go GoDaddy, only now that I am using Zerigo I don't know how configure GoDaddy to make it work again?... because it work with the default values

Any ideason Q1, Q2 and Q3?



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For Question 1 & Question 2

To redirect from the subdomain to a URL would require something on the host, I'm almost certain. I've looked all over support a Heroku and can't find anything helpful. I know nothing about Heroku, I'm sorry.

You could accomplish this in Apache with a VirtualHost entry for the subdomain. Also could be done using mod_rewrite (I think).

Heroku support may be able to provide some guidance.

For Question 3:

Mail Servers for GoDaddy are:


According to Heroku's FAQ:

  1. Go to the My Apps page.
  2. Locate your app, and click on “General Info”.
  3. Use the add-ons menu on the upper right, and select the Zerigo DNS add-on.
  4. Once on the add-on page, click the “Configure” for the domain you’d like to manage.

Clicking “Configure” will automatically sign you in to the Zerigo DNS management interface. In there, you have full control to manage your MX Records.

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