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I'm using the Mailchimp API in combination with PHP and jQuery to provide the subscribing/unsubscribing-actions on a website via Ajax. On errors with user data you get useful messages like "Invalid Email Address", "test@example.com is already subscribed to list x. Click here to update your profile." or "There is no record of "test@example.com" in the database".

For sure I want to keep theses messages, but is there a way I can get them in other languages (in particular in German)? How would I achieve this? I wasn't able to find anything about in the Mailchimp docs. I wouldn't like to translate them myself...

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I've been using mailchimp for a while and I believe there is no way to get internationalization trough their API.

You should threat errors by yourself and customize the messages.

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According to this thread in the API discussion group, this is actually a function of the list itself, and isn't handled by the API. If what you're asking about is being able to change the language to something from your end, it looks like that may not be supported.

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