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We're running a campaign for specific industries within our target market.

Our main web site has a page for each industry.

We also own domains for each industry i.e: FoodWidgets.com, ElectricalWidgets.com, ChemicalWidgets.com.

Of the following methods, which is likely to make the best SEO improvements:

  1. Just link each domain to the main web site
  2. Forward each domain to the relevant page on the main site e.g. FoodWidgets.com (302) redirects to http://www.MainSite.com/industries/food
  3. Create a single page "satellite" web site for each domain with the same content as the industry page on the main site.
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You can create landing page for each domain and write useful content which looks like a selling tool or a selling news letter, it must be a sort of call to action and redirect your reader to your main website.

Optimize landing pages as well as the main website, and it is also a better idea to add the links of the landing page in sitemap of your main site.

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  1. This won't work how you think it will work.

  2. See #1

  3. This will cause duplicate content issues which is bad for SEO.

See also, Pros/Cons of Interlinked Landing Pages

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Thanks John. Is there a better method? Since we'll be using the specific industry domains on promotional material, our main concern is that using them does not damage the rankings of the main site? – Ben Nov 21 '11 at 13:32

Create the landing pages on your main site and don't have satellite sites as they are just set up to trick search engines - Meaning you can get penalised on your main site if they are seen to be connected (which google can quite easily to find).

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