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What good and free Social Networking Site solutions there are?

I tried many options but most of them are either too complicated, too simple, or just do not work...

I tried: Dolphin, DZOIC-Handshakes, elgg, Oxwall, SocialEngine, and some plugins for wp and other CMS.

I don't need much, just: groups, chats, forums, profiles, PM, photos, pages, comments, search, statistics.

Most of which included in pretty much every CMS out there, but not all..

So, what good solutions there are? Also I don't mind paying some money (I guess no more then $200), but I'd prefer if it was a free open source engine.

Of course it should be PHP+MySQL based.

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You should be more clear about the requirements and what where the problems with what you tried. Why where the listed solutions bad? – Matteo Nov 19 '11 at 16:39
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From personal POV:

  • Drupal-based Commons
  • Elgg ("good" applied here more or less)
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Commons seems like a good option. Thank you, I will try it. – ZetsubouWebmaster Nov 20 '11 at 11:38

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