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Possible Duplicate:
Which Ecommerce Script Should I Use?

I am going to build a new shopping cart project for my client and I have a little confusion about shopping cart framework in php. I have read about more shopping cart framework, but I can't get the right way to use a perfect framework for my project.

The requirement of the project is:

Inventory management
UPS shipping integration

Please anyone help me out to choose the right frame work and start my project as soon as possible.

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My work experience tells me that you should go with "Virtue Mart" for Joomla.
or "wp-ecommerce" for Wordpress.

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The best cart solution I've used is by far OpenCart, it has a lot of functionality and a lot of implementable plug-ins, and the majority of carts, including OpenCart tend to have shipping functionality inbuilt.

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Is, simply put, the best you can possibly do today.

The free community version is absolutely brimming with features. Be prepared for a heavy dose of php mvc, however, if you need any customizations. It is, frankly, a very large and complicated system - but a basic install isn't any more difficult to set up than wordpress.


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How can it be the best and be complicated at the same time? – John Conde Nov 16 '11 at 20:11

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