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I want to track clicks on exit links, that are placed in 3rd party content, for example on Twitter. I also need the timestamps of the clicks.

Google Analytics can't be embedded in 3rd party content.

Another solution is to use a URL shortener like bit.ly. However, bit.ly or goo.gl don't log the time of the click with any better granularity than a full day.

su.pr shows the time for the past day in its analytics graph. The analytics download only includes the day, not the time.

cli.gs was touted as having the most detailed analytics, yet it doesn't show the time either, and forces the user through a preview page.

Hootsuite/ow.ly doesn't let you drill into analytics intraday.

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I want to track clicks on exit links [...] Google Analytics can't be embedded in 3rd party content.

It is true that your Google Analytics profile cannot be used to track traffic or activity on other peoples' sites, however, if you are only concerned with tracking when users on your site click exit links on your site, Google Analytics is perfectly sufficient to track the users who have Javascript enabled.

See How do I manually track clicks on outbound links? at the Google Analytics documentation for code snippets and instructions.

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