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Mozilla gets money from Google when somebody searches in Google through Firefox and then clicks an ad.

If people search on your own website with Google, you also get a share if they click an ad in search results.

But is it possible to search the web with Google from your website and still get a share just like Mozilla does?

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Yes. The Google Custom Search Engine that you can create for your own site can be made to search the web in general (in fact, I think it's the default option).

However I believe Mozilla has a special deal with Google to use their search (which actually sends the user direct to Google, not to a proxy site). It's unlikely you would be able to do any similar deal unless you were getting a huge number of searches with your site.

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Regarding Mozilla, it will be interesting to see how their relationship with Bing works out... – Mike Hudson Nov 6 '11 at 21:50

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