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On my domain.com at godaddy's page, I set a cname www to point to test.somedomain.com. So if a user types in www.domain.com, it will takes him to test.xyz.com.

My question i how can i configure domain.com to point to www.domain.com. That way if a user types in domain.com or www.domain.com, both will take him to test.xyz.com

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Erik's answer is correct if you just want the domains to alias each other. Although, it's better for user experience and SEO purposes to use an HTTP redirect using a .htaccess file in your web root. Or, goaddy may provide soem more user friendly means of doing this.

If not, just create a file named .htaccess in the FTP directory for domain.com with the line:

Redirect 301 / http://test.xyz.com

Then anyone who has their browser visit domain.com will be redirected to test.xyz.com - and you'll help out your search engine rankings.

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Just add a CNAME on domain.com to www.domain.com, or to test.xyz.com. No problem...

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