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I have which I want to migrate to However, the content on the old domain is, well, old. And I'm currently in the process of redesigning my whole site.

My idea is to do a permanent (301) redirect from to so that search engines know about the new domain and forget about the old one. But since the content is old I was thinking to do a temporary (302) redirect from to until the new content/site is ready to be published.

Is this, for some reason, a bad idea? Or there's nothing wrong with it?

One last thing... If I go with this, what should I do when the new content is ready? Should I just remove the 302 redirect and that's it, or should I do something else to notify search engines that the temporary redirect is over?

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It's probably best to just not redirect until is ready. You can continue to work on and migrate content while is still active. Once it's ready, you can 301 to and even setup redirects for specific pages if necessary to point to the new version on

If you follow through with the plan you've outlined above, then you'll end up with a mess of incoming traffic to that was indexed by search engines that you'll have to deal with.

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