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I see this on more and more pages. I can't show an example right know, but the widget is a small box sliding in at the right bottom of the page and it usually says "Did you read this?" or something like that and shows an article title.

Is there a name for this widget? Is it a jquery plugin or part of some other javascript library? I'm looking for its name, so I can get more info about it.

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Can you provide a URL where this script is in use? / Have you looked at the source code for details? – danlefree Oct 30 '11 at 15:23
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You're probably referring to the New York Times slidebox. They were one of the first, or at least highest-profile sites to use the technique. There's a demo here of a plugin someone wrote, with link to Github for source. And here's a tutorial implementing a simple version with just some custom jQuery-based JS.

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