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I have an xml file which contain a lot fields and sub fields, I am not sure yet, but around 100 or 200 of fields.
Fields value types may need true/false , others need drop down to select from, and others free text and some just numeric values.

My questions is:
From the user and usability point of view, what will be the best UI to let users manipulate this xml file from a webpage.

Also if you know samples to show me this will be good as well, I don't want code I just want to know how it should look like based on your experience.


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Old question, but since it was asked a new project has emerged called Doctored which appears to meet the requirements, example is here:


The project is open source and allows the end user to not only edit xml but also validates it against a schema.

Disclaimer: I am not the author of the above project.


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