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I'm developing a website and it's closing onto a private alpha/beta phase. It will be exposed to a small selected group of individuals who will provide a fair amount of feedback.

What options do I have for this feedback system? I would certainly like to make it collaborative (excluding email). I could mock up a really simple message board, but would rather use my time elsewhere.

The feedback will mainly consist of feature suggestions and bug reports.

Edit: Actually, would prefer if it's a free hosted service.

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I would use something like Trac, Bugzilla or Roundup (i prefer Roundup). So your users can reports bugs, open feature requests and many more.

Maybe a Google search for "issue tracker" or "bug tracker" can give you a overview of the different available tools.

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I decided to host locally and go with Trac using a one-click-install Bitnami stack (WAMP) bitnami.org/stack/trac. – randomguy Aug 10 '10 at 22:31

I use Mantis. It is not as extensive as BugZilla, but most users find it easy to work with.

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Jira is a very good issue tracker and perfect for this job (we use it extensively and it greatly improved how we deal with bugs and feature requests). Jira is offered either as a hosted solution or you can maintain your own install (what we do). It is however not free.

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Lighthouse it's very good, you can try it for free.

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If you want to use Trac and are looking for a free hosted service check out http://www.projectlocker.com

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Joel Spolsky, the owner of this site, offers a free/trial hosted version of his FogBugz bug tracking software. It would be worth at least evaluating I think, especially since it's hosted & thus there is not a whole lot of work involved setting it up.

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