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Are there any statistics (or an industry standard) for mobile device screen resolutions?

I'm optimising a site for mobile. So far I've just used one media query and it works fine down to about 240px wide, but messes up a bit after that. I'd love to know what's the smallest size worth accommodating.

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Some of these articles are getting on a bit time-wise, but for reference:




I'd second paulmorriss' findings that these days, the chances of someone using a sub 240px handset are pretty slim.

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Probably the best thing is to see the resolution for existing visitors. You can install Google analytics (if you haven't already), then on the Visitors / Mobile / Devices report you can select other/screen resolution (new version) or Visitors / Mobile / Mobile Devices and change Operating System to screen resolution.

When I ran it on our site (2000 visits, so not a big sample) I found only 3 visitors less than 240 - the smallest being 214.

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I dont have much data to work from for my site yet, but thats for sharing yours. – Evans Oct 12 '11 at 16:38

It really does depend on what area your visitors are from. Check out Opera Mini's stats and Admob's stats for their most popular devices by country. It really does vary widely by region.

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