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I want CloudFlare to cache everything, PHP files too, every request from the domain, I want it to cache it.

Is this possible?

(There are PHP scripts on the domain that print out images, JS and CSS, they return the appropriate mime type, but I read that CloudFlare caches according to file extenstion, if printing out the mime type helps, it's good too.)

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PHP files could return different things at different times so I doubt that CloudFare would cache them. If they really do return the same thing every time then why not make them images/js/CSS files so they get cached? – paulmorriss Oct 11 '11 at 11:20
They change but rarely, the cache for CloudFlare is for 24 hours which is fine with me. CloudFlare also has an option to flush the cache in case I change them manually. – fiftyeight Oct 11 '11 at 23:30

This wasn't possible when you asked the question. This is now possible with PageRules.

Note: You want to exclude the admin section of your site with a PageRule as well. If you do cache everything and the admin section is included, you will likely see some sort of looping error.

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