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I have a problem with my website, when you load the index page , the headers load fine but the main content appear with a delay between each photos. The error is only on the index because there is alot of contents.

Thank you very much, waiting for answers.

Link : http://www.kinouk.com

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What browser? show some code maybe... What is the "main content" refer too? and please fix your post and replace Link : www*kinouk*com with [link](www.kinouk.com). Your question is of very low quality and unless you update it will likely be closed. – rlemon Oct 5 '11 at 18:31
Can you provide a link to a page that actually has multiple images? Most don't have any content at all and I'm tired of poking around randomly. – Su' Oct 5 '11 at 19:13

First guess would be that your images are massive. The flower image on this page is 800x600px, forced to 180x135 in-browser, and the actual file is 328k. If you do that a bunch of times in a single document, you're going to see noticeable lag as each image downloads. Your thumbnails should actually be thumbnails, not full-sized images crammed to a smaller size.

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