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I got a new template which is bit huge as compared to my connection speed (15mb). When I tried the normal way, couldnt use the upload and install it. Since its doing nothing (time out).

Is there any way that I could manually upload via FTP and install the template?

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you certainly can. Which version of Joomla are you using? Also you can install via a external Url too. – Deeptechtons Oct 20 '11 at 11:18

Yes. According to this page:

Templates can also be installed via FTP without packaging them. Simply select the template folder on your PC and upload it to your server, using your favorite FTP software. Be sure you upload the template folder to the directory: /path_to_joomla/templates/ - where /path_to_joomla/ is the location of your Joomla! installation on the server. This method is mostly used when you have created a template yourself, and do not want to have to package it to install the template, or if you want to upload more than one template at once.

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