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I've Googled but haven't really found an answer.

  • when does a domain name really expire before someone else can register it?
  • Is this set by the domain registrar?

I've seen someone mention 75, 30, 45 days after the domain expires but nothing official, just wanting to confirm.

Related Question but doesn't answer my question:

Old Source, is this still correct?

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possible duplicate of How long is the redemption period on a domain? – paulmorriss Oct 3 '11 at 8:03
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Usaually when a domain name lapses, your registrar will put it in a hold period for typically 90 days or so (I know it's at least a month or two with GoDaddy) and during that period what they do is they lock the domain so you can repurchase it -- at a premium of course (GoDaddy charges $80 as a recovery fee, vs maybe $10 if you renew on time).

I'm not sure of the logic behind this, such as if ICANN lets registrars hold domains temporarily so customers can renew if their primary billing info expires -- but overall I think the hold period is 90 days before the domain is unlocked and put to market, or in some cases the registrar will keep the domain and resell it on their own domain auction pages.

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