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What alternatives to google adsense are availalbe that support the reloading of ads through and AJAX application?

I can't locate one.

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Google DPF has released a new tag that supports ajax:


The Google Publisher Tag supports all formats and devices, simplifying ad delivery to your web, mobile, and video content. The tag also supports:

  • HTTPS Environments: Deliver ads into secure HTTPS environments.
  • E-mail Ad Serving: Non-JavaScript tags available for use in email or other environments that don't support JavaScript rendering.
  • Passbacks: Tag can be used in a third-party ad server.
  • Asynchronous ad refresh: Refresh ads in environments that don't require page reloads. Single-Request Mode: Fetch and deliver all creatives simultaneously.
  • Interstitial (out-of-page) creatives
  • Guaranteed roadblocks
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