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Possible Duplicate:
Could I buy a domain name to increase traffic to my site like this?

I have a site called for example foodeals.com and a new bought domain greatfooforyou.com that simply does a 301 redirect to the main site

do search engines index greatfooforyou.com at all?
Is it possible that, one day, searching for "great foo for you" keywords, I will find the greatfooforyou.com exploiting the exact match of the search?

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Simply put, no. You are indicating 301, which is a permanent redirect. There is no need to index that new domain. I have done this too (over a period of three years), to prevent others from hijacking similar domain names and they've never shown up in search results.

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The only way a domain will appear in SERPs is if the domain had content and the content was replaced with a 301 and Google hasn't crawled the site yet. Usually that is a very small window and if you report your updates to Google Webmasters it is even smaller. – Ben Hoffman Sep 29 '11 at 10:38

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