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I already bought a domain name .com on godaddy for my company.

I would like to reserve the same name with country specific domain extention, but not sure where to buy them and how to do it.

Here are the ones that I would like to buy: Europe: fr, co.uk, de, ch, es, it, nl, se, no, ru australia: com.au asia: sg

Godaddy has all except 1 in europe, australia and singapore. Should I find a website that sell all of them or should I buy some of them in godaddy and others elsewhere? Any suggestions where to buy them?

Until now i've always buy .com domain names only so not sure how to do it. Thanks


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I've found it best to buy as many as you can in one place (if they are related) so you can easily update them. Personally, I haven't purchased some of those TLD/SLDs, but I've heard the Austrailian one you have to purchase from an AU registrar only - someone like name.com.au Most likely for the others you'll need to do the same. In that case, I'd suggest buying a bulk of them from one place (GoDaddy or whoever you prefer) and then get the ones you cannot from specialized registrars.