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Given the needs of a client, he uses wordpress as a publishing platform; The news section of the website and drupal as the community/classifieds section of his website.

Each cms is on its own folder/directory. domain.com/wp and domain.com/drup

I'm wondering if there was an effective way of sharing the same Google Analytics account/ID. Any best practices ? Suggestions ?


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Just include the same GA code with the same ID and it'll all go into the same account. Nothing fancy necessary if it's all on the same domain name.

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As ceejayoz mentioned, throw in the same GA code and it will work fine. However, I'd suggest taking it a step further and use filters to segment the traffic into different profiles. Typically I'd set it up as so:

  • A master profile with all the data, unfiltered
  • A profile for just the wordpress install
  • A profile for just the drupal install

This allows more play with your data, without extra coding.

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