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Possible Duplicate:
Very few visitors on Analytics: incorrect setting?

Google Analytics reports are underestimating pageviews comparing to my server logs for around 40%. What could be the reason? Browsers not allowing cookies?

Also webmastertools tells me that I get 400 to 500 vistis through google search engine per day, but GA tells me that there are only 250 visitors from googlesearch.

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Do you discount prefetches/prerenders? – Michael Aaron Safyan Sep 11 '11 at 20:19

Google Analytics also does not track most search spiders, other known bots, and of course anybody that does not have JS enabled. All combined that can account for quite a bit of traffic sometimes.

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Depending on if you have your Analytics tracking inputted as having http://www.yourdomain.com or just http://yourdomain.com and whatever your forcing the redirect or not for users could effect the traffic shown through Analytics.

So if some users are only putting in http:// and you don't have that tracking and your not forcing a redirect from http://www. to http:// your losing hits.

Hope this helps!

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