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So... What applications do I need to start a HTML5 based video site? ex.: an educational video site.

Is it technically solvable? A pure HTML5 site? Can anyone post links about it, docs, how to create it? Server must be ex.: a Linux distro.

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It is possible to create a pure HTML5 site, however, you might be restricting your user base to those with the appropriate/latest browsers. You will need to fallback to support other users. Is this really a "Web Applications" question? – w3dk Sep 8 '11 at 17:40
ok, I ~knew that, but how exactly, and with what tools can I make a purely HTML5-based video site? I'm gathering the best tips/etc. :) – LanceBaynes Sep 8 '11 at 18:36
You could perhaps check out PHPmotion, although I'm not sure how HTML5 it is out of the box? – w3dk Sep 9 '11 at 0:50

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