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Along with my google ads can I apply for other ad media and post their ads too with Google ads. I wanna post more ads. Is it allowed to use more than one adsense program and post both media's ads on same page?

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Yes but only if the other ads are non-contextual.

There is a limit per page of AdSense units per page, 3 banner units and 3 link units.

You may have any number of third party banners and links on the same page.

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Sorry for my English but what does non-contextual mean? I am planning to put somewhat of a banner ad for a site that offers affiliate marketing, is that ok? Also text links for ebay (let's say I am reviewing a product and I have affiliate links to that product on a sale page) is that ok? – John Demetriou Nov 24 '15 at 12:19

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