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In case I will use any of the new HTML5 Tags like:

<article> or <section> ...

with a doctype of

<!DOCTYPE html>

1.) Can I directly assign a style to this element like:

<article style="margin:100px;"> ?


The W3C link does not explain this really well for HTML5 very dummy friendly.

2.) In case this is allowed, what is a browser expected to render, if the browser does not support the tag (=does not support html5) . Will it render it as div (and apply the CSS) or will the tag be completly omitted and therefore also the applied CSS formatting is lost?

Thanks very much! Jens

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Yes, you can assign a style to this element (but it's best to use external CSS instead of inline styles).

Now if the browser doesn't support the tag it'll render by default with 'display:inline', or even doesn't render, we don't know for sure what'll happen.

To make sure you can use all the HTML5 tags you may use JavaScript. Here's a link to a Google Code Project called HTML5Shim that assure you can use HTML5 in all browsers.

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