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I'm using a .cur file as an image cursor. I uploaded it to the only image host that I could find that accepts .cur files, but lately it doesn't properly load the cursor anymore.

My webhost now doesn't accept .cur files. I converted it to .png but those won't show in IE

Basically I'm looking for a way to host/upload a .cur file.

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If you can upload to the server but not see it in the browser, maybe it's because your host does not associate the file extension with the correct mime type. A possible solution is adding one of this mime types: image/x-win-bitmap or application/x-win-bitmap to the .cur extension trough .htaccess – Osvaldo Sep 4 '11 at 9:40

Have you asked your webhost to accept them? It could just be that by default their uploaders will not accept .cur (it isn't a file extension I would think to allow) but if you asked nicely they would place it on the server for you.

The only other way I could think to do it is if you are able to rename files after upload to your host, then upload it as a .png and rename it to .cur when you are uploaded. It is a nasty work around but it might work.

Uploading it to a third party is going to introduce other issues.

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