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Where and which is the best way to do Adobe certifications? (Dreamweaver CS5 in India.)

Also, does it have weightage in getting a job?

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You can search for Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) training and test centers near you on the Pearson VUE website: http://www.pearsonvue.com/adobe/locate/

Also, does it have weightage in getting a job?

A certificate in Dreamweaver tells a potential employer that you know how to use Dreamweaver. But there's more to Web development than knowing how to use software. A strong portfolio of design and development work is likely to carry more weight than a software certification, in my view.

Also consider that not all Web studios use Dreamweaver, and that some may prefer candidates who can demonstrate an ability to code using a simple text editor, without depending on a WYSIWYG development environment like Dreamweaver.

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