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I want to compare today's traffic for my company website with today's macro web traffic. Anyone know of a site which does this?

Mostly, I want to see trends and reassure myself that my 33% drop in organic traffic today is in line with, say, a 31% percent drop in macro search traffic (and potentially rationalized as less demand because of a long weekend or some other macro distraction).

I've found a couple sites that are close, wondering if any of you have better ones:
* Akamai Real-time Web Monitor
* Akamai Net Usage Index: Retail

Even better, I would love to find a site that tracks the current volume of web searches.

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Very interesting question. But remember not to develop tunnel vision when looking at your web analytics or other metrics. I.e. the type of managers who usually have really fancy real-time performance dashboards set up, and every time they see a drop in sales/traffic they demand tweaks to the site or their marketing or sales strategy. Most feel this sort of intense monitoring of performance metrics provides accountability, but a lot of times they're just overreacting to random day-to-day fluctuations while completely missing long-term trends. – Lèse majesté Jan 24 '12 at 22:39

Try google trends for web searches. For traffic you can try quantcast and alexa.

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