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When I create a subdomain in the only option is to forward that subdomain, and I don't want to forward it, I want it to point to another server. I don't want the main site or the email accounts to be disrupted either.

Currently I have a main site: and a subdomain: that is working fine. is hosted on a static site and is a website that is hosted within a CMS.

The static hosting people keep pointing to and tells me I have to setup the subdomain at the static hosting place.

I am frustrated and confused and need to get some subdomains setup. Any help is appreciated.

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Have you asked GoDaddy's support people about this? – John Gardeniers Mar 3 '11 at 2:35

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I think you are trying to set up a Cname record where you need to set up another A record and point that to the IP of the server. You can't use a CNAME because that was designed to point to another domain not point to an IP address , and you are trying to point to an IP. Set up your A record as

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