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Is Google still giving weightage for old domain, i.e at least 6 months old?

I mean I have the best content which is useful for users.

Do I still have to wait for my domain name to be at least 6 months old?

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Matt Cutts in "How much does a domain's age affect its ranking?" [YouTube]:

"My short answer is not to worry about that very much. Not very much at all, in fact."

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Search engines may give weight to domain age but I assure it is nothing compared to the impact of the domain being that old.

Since older domains have had more time to accumulate links and links are primordial to rankings, older domains frequently fair better compared to a newer competing domain.

One aspect is user habit formed by knowing a domain for a long time. In order to displace an older domain in the same market you need to have more that just better content but a vastly different angle on the same topic and, even so, so you be fighting upstream.

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Matt Cutts says a lot of things. It is my experience that my aged domains perform better. Having said that, I can not guarantee it is from the age or the amount of links the site has achieved over time, but I can say that I can pick up a new keyword on an aged domain much faster than a new domain.

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