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I have a Joomla website having a lot of videos, I want to embed my videos in facebook by sharing via status update like you do when sharing youtube video. When you paste a link there facebook automatically extract the video and embed there. On my website I have videos but when I paste the link there on facebook it just treats it as a page not as a video. I want my videos to be playable there on facebook without redirecting to my website. Is there a way i can achieve this?

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This article should help you out: Play Custom Video Player on Facebook.

Facebook and the Open Graph Protocol allows you to define special meta data on your web pages that defines them in Facebook’s social graph. In this post i’ll show you how to set up the meta tags required for you to use a custom video player on Facebook, styled exactly like you want it. It will show up, and play, directly within Facebook status updates whenever someone shares the web page containing that meta data. Pretty cool, huh?

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