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I need to (try to) solve the problem of new account creation for a patient portal for a medical records system (electronic health record). That is, a way to activate a patient online and match her against her medical chart.

Let's assume that most patients will not have an email address listed among the data that I already have. If I want to allow a prospective patient to submit a bunch of demographics information, and then if it matches, receive an activation code, is there an alternative to sending that code to whatever email address the prospective patient provides? Because I might know all of the info for another person (i.e. an estranged spouse or a neighbor who doesn't shred their garbage) and then give my own email address (which can't be verified).

Short of having the prospective patient come into the doctor, or receive snail mail, to verify her identity (the problem I'm trying to solve) is there any way these types of verifications can be done?

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Thanks! I didn't even see that community! – Don Zacharias Aug 8 '11 at 16:51