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I have a Blogger blog and I would like to have a way for readers to download files (Blogger doesn't host files like that.) I would use something like github, but one of my files is actually just a spreadsheet make with OpenOffice Calc that has a function on it -- not really something for GitHub.

Where is a great place to upload this where users can download the files if they want?

I know there are a lot of those ad-ridden "get paid to have people download files from you" type of sites and that's exactly what I would like to avoid.

Anyone know of a (hopefully) free place I can dump files so that people can download them that isn't junky, ad-ridden, scammy, dirty, or virus-filled place?

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MediaFire, FileDropper, Wuala, box.net, and Dropbox all allow file upload and sharing of public download links.

See also this comparison of file hosting services on Wikipedia.

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