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I added the no-index tag for the google-bot, but it is kind of taking a long time to de-index some pages since I have over 100k pages I need to de-index lol :)))

What is the proper way to de-index pages using robots.txt?


Any idea how long should it take?

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Also check URL removal explained, Part I: URLs & directories

As that article suggests, you can remove directories (and whole sites) in Google's Webmaster Tools. This might be quicker than robots.txt initially, although you will need to use robots.txt as well.

Keep the noindex meta tag to avoid your page appearing at all in Google's index. A robots.txt only solution could still allow URL only links from appearing in the SERPS.

Using robots.txt to remove the "http://www.example.com/getridofthis/" directory...

User-agent: *
Disallow: /getridofthis/
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Take a look at robotstxt.org has all the info you need.

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