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In that a client feels having an old copyright date displayed in the footer across a site will have a negative SEO impact? My opinion is that it should make very little difference SEO wise and should only change if a substantial change has taken place with regard to the design of the site.

I have done some Googling but have not come across anything "concrete" any pointers or if you have had experience changing from a static to a dynamically change year and the effect it had that would be great.

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It makes no difference for SEO. I've had my hand in over 150 websites and none of them have seen negative or positive SEO effects of having an old or new copyright. The date of the copyright has nothing to do with the relevancy of the page content.

This is a classic example of clients putting their noses someplace it doesn't belong.

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What i thought but its good to get a second opinion. Thanks for your help. – Matthew Brookes Jul 27 '11 at 13:58

It doesn't have any SEO impact, but for human beings looking at your site it might seem like it hasn't been updated for a while (unless there's other stuff like dated news items/blog posts on the front page). That's going to make them wonder if what they read is up to date.

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Totally agree. Its hidden right down in the footer so for most user cases will make no difference i think. thanks for you help. – Matthew Brookes Jul 27 '11 at 13:59

For SEO, no impact. But from a quality aspect, there is no reason not to use programming to automatically output the current year.

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