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Our open source software website is migrating from Redmine to GitHub (pages, wiki, issues) and the only missing thing is Forum/Discussions. GitHub does not have such feature yet and allows only static pages generation.

We really would like to support our users using forum. I was thinking about like engine that can be attached to website, but what I have found offers only comments support for specific page/topic on website, they don't have ability for user to create a thread/topic like on forums.

Question: Is there any 3rd party solution which will support forum/helpdesk like mechanism without requiring and server side installation and can be embedded in pure html? Also would be great if such engine support social networking authorization (like disqus).

P.S.: What alternatives would you recommend for user support?

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Maybe this one: Only thing you need to do is include a JS script, and Github allows you to do this.

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Github does have this feature.

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