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I am just wondering how this site - indiahowto(dot)com with just 438 pages is managing to achieve 7,675 pageviews per day with just organic searches.

Note : I believe it is not listed in dmoz or have any backlinks. It is purely based on organic searches.

Please share your knowledge, thoughts and observations on this.

Thanks :)

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Hmm, Can you please confirm that you are getting other details properly, Avg time on page, bounce rate, exit and unique pageview also. If they all have genuine data then we are also happy on your success. Else, You will have to take care about web page request. – Aashish Sahrawat Jul 15 '11 at 10:18

As evidenced here, they do have some backlinks - though this is unlikely all of them.

Furthermore, the number of pages on a domain has zero direct effect on whether those pages rank. Don't know where you are getting the page view count from, but unless you have access to their server statistics or analytics account then those figures are almost certainly incorrect.

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