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Suppose I have 3 domain name phrases:

  1. thisisfirst.com (competition is 11% and global monthly search is 151,000,000)

  2. thisissecond.com (competition is 5% and global monthly search is 33,50,000)

  3. thisisthird.com (competition is 1%, global monthly search is 49,500, local search is 3,600)

How can I decide which domain to use?

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Just thinking about SEO this is a very good question. My personal opinion is that I would pick the third option, try and get 50% of those 49,000 a month and from that be able to build a platform where you get traffic not just because of your name, with links going into your site (perhaps using the first term's wording) you could become a competitor in those other levels.

Are we to assume those that the three choices all make good marketing sense if you ignore SEO, do they reflect the brand/product/site well and would humans find them all easy to type and remember?

If, for example the third option was just a really weird spelling of the first example with another word added to the start or end then there is a reason why so few people search for it each month.

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You can choose any domain whether it is relevant or not. But it must be easy for user to remember.

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I've downvoted this because you haven't helped the questioner decide which domain to use. – paulmorriss Jul 15 '11 at 13:49

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