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We have a website with several thousand pages and it is frequently copied elsewhere; we'd like to know when and where this takes place to so we can make sure we are attributed correctly.

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Plagiarism Today has a resource page with a bunch of tools for use in various contexts(feeds, images, etc.) The standard for text content for some time now seems to be Copyscape, and their Copysentry is a paid and automated service.

You should give that page a scan for some other techniques you'd probably want to consider.

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FairShare offers a free service that tries to automatically detect where and when your content is being reused, based on an RSS feed you supply.

Supply your feed address in the first step, then choose "I don't license my content" in the second step (unless you want to license it for reuse):

FairShare check for website plagiarism

Click the link they send you by email, and FairShare then publishes two RSS feeds that you can subscribe to containing sites reusing your content (one containing all examples of reuse separately and one with a weekly summary). They say that there can be a delay of 12 hours between a site reusing your content and them detecting it.

You could also include unique codes/keywords in your content and set up Google Alerts to detect them.

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I tested fairshare but sadly it wasn't sensitive enough compared with copyscape. Copyscape came up with a number of sites that ripped us off, sadly fairshare came up with none. – chrism2671 Aug 7 '11 at 16:06

You can also use Google Alerts to notify you whenever Google finds a page that contain you specify. In your case you would have Google look for unique text in your pages.

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