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At stage 3 of the Prestashop Installation, I enter the DB details which I know to be correct, and I receive the error:

Database server was not found. Please verify the login, password, and database server name fields.

The server is localhost, and I have verified the database name and username. Why can Prestashop not find the server?

This occurs when choosing InnoDB and MyIsam.

If I change the server from localhost to the public hostname I receive the same error.

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1) Double check that you can actually login into DB using those details (you may have correct login/database in place, but, probably, username was set up in such way that it not allowed to connect from that address); 2) Please check if you can connect to that DB from within PHP (create some simple test PHP script) -- maybe you do not have required extensions enabled; 3) Firewall? (don't think so .. but); 4) Server address: try instead of localhost.. or you may need to specify some another name (linux socket?) -- consult your hoster for exact details – LazyOne Jul 10 '11 at 10:40
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I recreated a 2nd user account, which tested okay.

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Despite WAMP supposedly using root/root as the default, the MySQL uses root/[no password]. Silly Prestashop error about database server is not found, is actually just a logon problem.

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Go to the members' area, enter the control panel and click on the 'MySQL' icon. Your MySQL hostname / username / database name etc will be listed there.

Also make sure you use the correct hostname, not localhost.

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The OP has already stated that the correct hostname is localhost and that the problem was related to the user and not the database connection. – w3dk Nov 7 '12 at 8:26

Be careful about the collation settings of the database you created. Collation must be utf8_general_ci for database Prestashop. Otherwise you receive connection error.

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