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We're trying to paint our site with the correct Schema.org information, and we're getting the following error:


 The following errors were found during preview generation:

 Insufficient data to generate the preview.

I think the only thing missing would be the actual media URL but we're not able to offer that due to the way our streams are generated. Is there another option?

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I get the "Insufficient data to generate the preview." message when looking at my own sites on google's rich snippets tools. After much searching I found that the message is just a generic "error" and doesn't actually relate to the quality of the data. It's most likely that google just doesn't support audio rich snippets yet. I think they only show previews for recipes for the time being. Though I sand to be corrected.

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Boy, wouldn't this be depressing (after they did that big launch of schema.org). I'll up vote your answer, but I'll wait a few days before I accept. – aronchick Jul 2 '11 at 22:00
Well at least you'll be first in line when support is turned on and you'll get an instant boost in your SEO. Similar to you, I just spent two weeks converting my site to HTML5 to use schema only to get the same message. My site is places, tourist attractions and hotels - none of which will create a rich preview. – Rincewind42 Jul 3 '11 at 2:36

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