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I have an image (not gradient) color, I tried to identify the color code but not possible. Is there any tool to convert image to css or css color code?

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You need eyedropper kind of tool, for example:

  • Open image in Adobe Photoshop/Fireworks and use Eyedropper tool
  • ColorZilla extension for Firefox
  • Eye Dropper extension for Google Chrome
  • EyeDropper standalone Windows application.
  • ColorPic for Windows
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Any graphics program like Photoshop or Gimp can tell you what the hex code or RGB that color is.

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On Mac: the built-in DigitalColor Meter.
On Windows: ColorPic

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There are a few online tools that will allow you to extract color palettes from a photo or other image. You'll get an output of what the dominant colors are in the image (as there are millions of colors). Try ColorSuckr and CSS Drive Color Palette Generator

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If you use IE8 & above, there is a Color Picker available with Developer Tools (F12 shortcut key) that you can use to identify the color code.

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I personally use a program called Pendule for Chrome which has loads of webdev tools on it, including a color picker :).

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