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I was wondering if anyone knows of a free blog site (ie wordpress, blogspot, livejournal) that allows people to include php into their posts?

Any leads would be greatly appreciate.


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Question needs clarification - are you looking for PHP hosting or the ability to publish code snippets? – danlefree Sep 6 '12 at 1:09

You're unlikely to find a free hosted blog platform that allows PHP; it would be hard to block access to functions that could prove harmful to other users of the service without crippling PHP severely.

If you want more control than a hosted blogging platform like WordPress.com offers, try downloading a copy of WordPress yourself from WordPress.org, then setting it up on a cheap shared server with one of the hosting partners they recommend.

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What exactly are you trying to accomplish? There's a pretty significant problem here in that regardless of the hosting service, most CMS applications by default won't let you put arbitrary code into the content anyway. It'll usually just get stripped on output.

There are often ways to force it(eg. Wordpress' Exec-PHP), but it's highly unlikely any hosted service is going to offer you that, for basically the reasons in Nick's answer.

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Do you mean runnable PHP? If so then no, I don't think their are any, and if they did I would not be recommending them.

If you mean so you can do something like;

$x = 5;
echo $x

Then most will come with at the very least code for using the <pre> tag and if not Wordpress has several plugins that will do this and will work on the free install.

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