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I know this may seem a bit of a question in reverse, but I actually don't seem to have a problem I just want to make sure before I proceed.

I have 2 domains and and a directory my_directory at

I have setup as an "add on domain" in the cpanel account of so that when I go to I am taken to but the browser shows in the addressbar so it looks and acts like and is a separate site.

However when people browse to I want the address bar to show not So I put a redirect in the htaccess file to redirect to and it works perfectly, but I think it shouldnt and I'm worried I've done something wrong.

My question is this: was already redirected to in the first place (I see the redirect in my cpanel under addon domains) so by adding the second redirect in the htaccess file I should be creating a loop!

Could somebody please set my mind at rest and show me why not?

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nice edit jeff you make it seem so easy !! – byronyasgur Jun 30 '11 at 0:06

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You are using 2 different mechanisms.

You have a redirect so that when someone visits they are redirected to

You have a rewrite so that when someone visits they actually see the content from This is processed internally within apache. It is not processing the redirect rule.

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thanks - that would make sense but cpanel calls it (under addon domain) a redirect not a rewrite could this be a bit erroneous that would explain it – byronyasgur Jun 24 '11 at 14:59

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