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Whats the actual behaviour of wmode attribute in HTML.

Any kind of technical details is accepted.

Thank you.

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Quick Google search turns up Adobe's docs #1 which explains it quite well:

wmode attribute or parameter Value

Window | Opaque | Transparent Template variable: $WM


(Optional) Lets you use the transparent Flash content, absolute positioning, and layering capabilities available in Internet Explorer 4.0. For a list of browsers this attribute/parameter supports, see Publishing Flash documents.

Window Plays the application in its own rectangular window on a web page. Window indicates that the Flash application has no interaction with HTML layers and is always the topmost item.

Opaque Makes the application hide everything behind it on the page.

Transparent Makes the background of the HTML page show through all the transparent portions of the application and can slow animation performance.

Opaque windowless and Transparent windowless Both interact with HTML layers, letting layers above the SWF file block out the application. Transparent allows transparency so that HTML layers below the SWF file might show through if a section of the SWF file has transparency; opaque does not.

The default value is Window if this attribute is omitted. Applies to object only.

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