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I have using joomla for long time and mainly deal with ecommerce sites with shopping cart . Now i am learning python django and realy like the python. But i am used to joomla easiness to use its extensions for everything.

One questions is coming to my mind that am i doing right thing to shift from joomla to python. It seems to me that i am looking for something good when i already have it.But there are many thing which i can't do in joomla like syadmin and data mining.

I am learning django but i think it will be time consuming to build from scratch with django

I want CMS in Django in which i can use ready made

  1. Users Logins , registration members Area
  2. SHopping cart , Add/remove products and payment via paypal
  3. Gallery for photos
  4. Users can create static pages like privacy , disclaimer
  5. Also in case i need to create custom thing i can write custom code as well

Is there something like that?


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Maybe have a look at satchmoproject.com. – Sven Marnach May 29 '11 at 10:59
That looks good but is that only for shopping cart only because what if initially i don't want to have shopping cart , just basic stuff and then shopping cart. I mean to say can i build general web sites using that or thats only for shopping cart. or i have to choose different cms for different purposes – bidu May 29 '11 at 13:15

You will hardly a find a single package that does all the things you need.

Django's nature as a framework gives you more flexibility and makes customizations really easy but on the flipside you'll have to do some work to integrate various components and apps.

Looking at the relevant grid on Django Packages there are several CMS out there. Popular choices are Django CMS, FeinCMS and Mezzanine to name a few.

Here you can read a comparison, though in the end you should check them yourself. Looking at the extensions for Django CMS you'll find a gallery plugin and the docs show you how assign user permissions to pages.

Looking at your requirements the other core component seems to be an E-Commerce solution.

Again Django Packages offers a few options, e.g. LFS and Satchmo.

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can i use two cms or frameworks. i mean fornormal users /logins gallery stuff i use Django CMS and if for shopping cart i can install stachmo with django cms. will they work together – bidu May 29 '11 at 13:25
Yes, it should be possible. Check this for example: comfychairconsulting.com/blog/DjangoCMSandSatchmoisEasy – arie May 29 '11 at 13:31

No one.

Sorry but CMS are not meant to manage a ecommerce. They are existing to create content and manage it.

The good question should be: What are django add-ons to create a ecommerce website ?