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What I am trying to do is set up a report (either on the new or the old analytics setup) that tells me the average "Pages per Visit" of all traffic "Sources". I can get that through Traffic Sources->All Traffic Sources, and then sorting by pages per visit, but that puts a lot of junk (one or two visits) sources on top, if I sort it by number of visits, I get a fair amount of junk (stumbleupon.com with only around 2 pages per visit).

What I would like is that same chart, sorted by pages per visit, with visits above a threshold of 10. Any advice?

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  1. From the original GA All Traffic Sources report, click the Advanced Filter link at the bottom of the report table
  2. Change the Filter from Source/Medium to Visits, select Greater than or equal to from the adjacent drop-down, and enter 10 in the field
  3. Click the Apply Filter button
  4. Click the Pages/Visit column to sort
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