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Working with ~100,000 products. Currently the way I'm using has the following priorites (most to least)

  • Model information such as name and model number of a given product
  • Product line's associated keywords
  • The site's global keywords

Is this a good way to generate quality meta tags and content? Should globals be more prominent or is it best to prioritize what makes each page different?

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Are you only asking about the meta keywords tag? Or do you want to know about the description tag as well? – John Conde May 23 '11 at 14:19
Any suggestions that can be useful based on these dynamic values would be very useful. Trying to think of a way to rephrase the question. – Garet Claborn May 23 '11 at 14:24
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Since meta tags have no influence on your page's rankings, but can be used in a page's listing in the search results, I would make sure the description tag is written like a sales piece. It can be the deciding factor for users when deciding which search result to click on.

The keywords tag is obsolete so I wouldn't worry about the order of the keywords in there.

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thanks, total seo newbie --> – Garet Claborn May 23 '11 at 14:19

Meta Tags are so 'SEO 1.0', you need RDFa semantic markup - 'SEO 2.0'. If you check out the Good Relations schema there are case studies about how these work for big brands that have implemented RDFa.


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